Robyn & Phil Smith of Complete Solar Systems (Lockwood, Victoria).

I am more than pleased to advise that I am, and have been, a more than satisfied solar power user for the past 18 years, -

thanks to Phil & Robyn. Totally reliant on solar power, it is essential to me that I be constantly maintained with power, and the 60 kms between myself and the above average competence of Phil has never presented a problem.

His professionalism , and better than reasonable pricing structure is, and has always been, more than appreciated by myself and those to whom I have referred him. I am more than happy to refer him to you, if you are seeking competence and reliability at a reasonable price.

Ray Peebles . Avonmore

If you are looking for a good, honest and professional experienced person for solar power installation and after installation service you cannot go past phillip we have had the absolute best service for many years would never consider any other organisation or company they are the best and its our absolute pleasure to write this

Lorraine Lindsay. Kilmore 

I have dealt with Phil and Robyn Smith at Complete Solar Solutions for over 20 years.  Phil installed my first off-grid system, has upgraded it on a couple of occasions and has also assisted with some other situations related to living off-grid.

Phil’s technical knowledge and ability is first-class.  He suggests solutions that are situation-appropriate and cost effective.  I could not recommend his knowledge and expertise highly enough.

As an added bonus Robyn and Phil are also nice people to have dealings with.

Mark Stevens

  •  I highly recommend the service provided by Phil and Robyn Smith at Complete Solar Solutions, Lockwood. They install quality products and give excellent, ongoing support. 
  • Marg Frederick (off-grid for 20 years)
  • A wonderful business who supplied our first solar panel and battery system over 15 years ago. We have since added on and updated more than once. High quality, value for money work, highly recommended. 
  • Jenny Parratt Mandurang

I had my Solar suppled and fitted by Complete Solar Solutions many years ago on the recommendation of a friend who praised their professionalism and quality product.

The installation was done well and has endured a lot of bad weather. it is still sound and functioning perfectly. In the early stages if i had any questions or doubts about something. Phillip either walked me through it or visited me to explain the system. Ongoing support was always there , and he was always as near as the phone for problems. When i decide to add or upgrade my system , i will definitely have Complete Solar Solutions do it for me .

Gregory Penna Bendigo 

I have been dealing with Mr Philip Smith since early 2003 whereupon I commissioned his then “Philip Smith Solar” to install an “off the grid” solar system at my property. I am pleased to confirm that the system, then installed, is live and well some 15 years later! One battery replacement (lead acid) at the twelve-year mark, as to be expected and a pre-emptive electrolytic capacitor replacement in my inverter. I have commissioned, the now “Complete Solar Solutions” (Philip) to acquire and set-up a LiPo battery replacement for my lead acids, not that they need replacement, I just like new technology (toys).

In my many years of association with Philip I have no reason for complaint and trust his knowledge of the field and his reliability and honesty. Though I buggered if I know how he got all those animals into the ark and then had them not eat each other!

Nicholas Crawford, Wedderburn, 2018