At complete Solar Solutions we do system design, service and maintenance of all renewable energy  equipment.  We also repair many types of inverters and battery chargers.

1. Design and install

We design both remote power and grid tie systems.

By first analysing your load,

Calculating the amount of solar power you need, 

Your interest and independence in using your system is also a factor,

We also do the full installation of your system from start to finish.

2. Maintenance


We offer a maintenance program for your system,

from periodic regular maintenance,

to just when you need something fixed.
​Battery maintenance. (water levels, terminal clean/tighten).

system checks (view history, download info, check generator run time)


3. Repair

If your system does need repair (its old, small problems, software issues, Etc. )

we are service agents for several inverter and associated equipment manufacturers.

If your system is damaged due to unforeseen circumstances

we can do reports for insurance purposes.

We also do preventitive maintenance on some types of equipment.