Remote Power, "I live in an average house, how much will it cost?"

This is the usual question we get asked, the answer is somewhere between $10,000 and $70,000 the amount of power you use will determine the answer.


With Remote power systems the Price and size of the system is directly related to the amount of power you require.

This is the first thing we need to know before we can design a system for you, the way to do this is a "energy audit" sheet.


This is an audit sheet for estimating how much and where you consume the most electricity. 

Please use the blank Audit Sheet  to complete own audit.

  1. Make a list of all lights and appliances (and if applicable the quantity of each) in your home in column A & B. It’s helpful to include the make and model of the appliance. Be sure to include all rooms, garage and workshops.

  2. Locate the Wattage (W) of the appliance and place the figure in Column C.

  3. Finding Watts on Lights: The wattage will be written on the light globe, either on the globe itself or on the base. For solar systems we recommend using energy efficient lighting (i.e. LED or compact fluorescent bulbs). B/

  4. Finding Watts on Appliances: The wattage will be written on a compliance sticker or plate on the back, usually near the power cord. Some fridges will have this information inside on the side of the door. If the power is not written in Watts, record the Volts (V) and Amps (A) of the appliance. (Watts = Volts x Amps).                              

  5. Estimate the hours per day the appliance or lights will be used in Column D.

  6. Multiply the Qty x Watts x Hours/Day and place that figure in Column E.

  7. Sum the total of Column E at the bottom to calculate your Total Daily Energy Consumption. 



audit sheeet