As with any equipment or machinery, regular maintenance of your system is crucial to its efficiency and longevity.

However, while there are many solar energy system installers out there, we are the only company in Central Victoria area to offer a full, personally-tailored maintenance service. We are proud to be off grid battery specialists, and can give your solar batteries a health check.

Why do you need to maintain your system?

Poor installation, poor quality of components , environmental damage, all can contribute to a an inefficient system .

By having your system regularly maintained, you’ll be able to keep on top of any wear and tear and keep your system operating at its peak.

While we offer a maintenance program for existing solar systems, we can also service new systems.

Poorly designed and over used  Off grid systems can kill batteries very quickly. We can educate you to keep logs and do your own simple testing , to maintain your battery health and longevity.

Once we install your solar panels, we recommend attending your home at least once a year to carry out regular servicing of your inverter, panels, batterys and connections. 

We recommend for off grid installations maintenance should be done twice a year , coming into winter and coming into summer 

There’s no need for you to remember when it’s time for your solar maintenance to be done, we’ll give you a friendly reminder.

Our maintenance program includes: 

  • an electrical safety check on all components, including an electrical characteristics test where we open and inspect all DC isolators checking on the connections and water ingress

  • the solar inverter is checked for correct operation and clean any air filters

  • a check on the racking system to ensure nothing has worked loose

  • a physical check on all cables and wiring, including fasteners and connections

  • cleaning solar panels and

  • checking solar panels for any destabilisation in the backing (i.e. yellowing) signifying panel breakdown and fire risk

       any minor issues are fixed on the spot

  • a Full Solar Maintenance Report is provided at the conclusion of the service, noting any small adjustments that were made and any areas that will require further attention

  • a Full Insurance report can also be provided if required for any claims.

  •  Batteries : voltage check, specific gravity check , terminal inspection, water level inspection, check age visual appearance

  • check leads.

Off Grid maintenance check $250  Grid maintenance check $250 please fill out enquiry box .

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