Solar Battery for "UPS" backup on-grid


Uninterruptible Power Supply Mode (UPS)

In areas where the power grid is unreliable and unstable, this type of inverter provides a stable power source by making use of solar energy and energy from the batteries. When the grid fails, the inverter switches over to "island mode" and the user obtains uninterrupted power from self-generated solar  energy or the batteries in an optimal balance.

Intelligent Battery Manager

The integrated Battery Manager will select optimum charging conditions. It will keep the connected batteries charged to an optimal level at all times, with a 3-stage adaptive of float charging protocol. Optimum charging conditions, damage prevention and accurate battery status information is guaranteed by an integrated shunt, temperature sensor and voltage compensation.

Grid Export Limiter (on grid)

If there is not enough solar power to charge batteries or keep the loads running, the inverter uses power from the grid. When the batteries are fully charged, the Inverter feeds excessive power back into the grid. In some situations it is not allowed, has a set Kw feed in limit or it is financialy better not feeding excessive power back into the grid. In this case, the inverter can be set in such a way that it limits or disables feeding energy to the grid.

Load Management

Switch on additional loads when there is a surplus of solar energy and the batteries are fully charged. This allows the self-use percentage to be increased instead of feeding it back to the grid or derate solar production