About Us.

We are Small business that has been in the renewable energy industry since 1992. That is 26 years we have been in the industry. During the time we have installed 100s of grid and off grid systems across Victoria.
We have  been supporting lots of families with their solar systems, and will continue to offer great customer service and follow up care.
​Robyn and I have ran our business from home.. During that time we have 3 kids and now we are grandparents.

We have specialized in all types of renewable energy, but now we mainly work in the remote (off grid) power sector, We have passionately lived off grid since 1986. We have never had a power bill in our adult life. 

Our solar system has evolved from very primitive beginnings ,to now supporting a big house, 2 small cottages, 2 sheds and a music studio.

This summer we expect to have an excess of electricity, that we can dump into Air cons, to keep us cool. We are very grateful to live this lifestyle.

We both look forward to having conversations with you about Solar, and being of service to you with all your solar needs.